30220414 (Fundamentals of Power Electronics)Course Name: Fundamentals of Power Electronics

Course Number: 30220414

Program:  Undergraduate program

Type:   Required

Credits:    4

Term Offered:    Autumn

Prerequisites:Principles of Electric Circuits, Analogic and Digital Electronics

Instructors: Lu Haifeng, Xiao Xi    (for Chinese Class: 30220414-1)

Jiang Xiaohua, Sun Kai (for Bilingual Class: 30220414-2)


Mingbao Zhou, Wenlong Qu. Power electronics. China Machine Press. 2001 (in Chinese).

Lipei Huang. Motor control. Tsinghua Univ. Press. 2003 (in Chinese).


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Course Description:

Power electronics deals with the applications of solid-state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power. Combining power, electronics, and control, power electronics can be defined as an interdisciplinary technology.

The course emphasizes the fundamental principles of power conversions. It covers device characteristics, conversion techniques and applications on switching-mode power supply and motor drive.

Course Modules: (64 Class-hours)

1.Introduction 2 Class-hours

2.Power Devices   4 Class-hours

3.Diode Rectifiers    3 Class-hours

4.Thyristor AC-DC 5 Class-hours

5.Experiment 1, 2 (AC-DC) 4 Class-hours

6.Discussion   2 Class-hours

7.DC-DC Converters   6 Class-hours

8.Experiment 3 (DC-DC) 2 Class-hours

9.DC-AC Inverters    6 Class-hours

10.Experiment 4 (DC-AC) 2 Class-hour

11.AC-AC Cycloconverters 2 Class-hours

12.Snubber Circuits2 Class-hours

13.Firing Circuits   4 Class-hours

14.Discussion   2 Class-hours

15.Switching-Mode Power Supply   4 Class-hours

16.Introduction of Motor Drive  2 Class-hours

17.DC Motor Drive    4 Class-hours

18.Experiment 5 (DC Motor Drive)   2 Class-hour

19.AC Motor Drive    4 Class-hours

20.Discussion & Review  2 Class-hours

Course Assessment:



  Class Participation: 10%

Final Exam 60%