The Doctoral Student in The Department of Electrical Engineering was Awarded Siebel Scholars

In September 2016, Gengzhao, the doctoral student of the department of electrical engineering, was awarded the 2017 Siebel Scholars due to his excellent academic performance and overall quality.

The Siebel Scholars Program was founded in 2010. The program specifically gives awards to the most prominent students in the world's leading research universities, covering the field of business, computer, bio-engineering, energy science and other areas. The program aims to create a platform for the winners to share knowledge. The platform will provide professional support for the winners, all through the winner's career life. Past winners will also serve as the consultant of the Seibel Foundation to study some of the issues that need to be addressed in social development. The award is awarded annually to about 90 graduate students, this year is the first time to select winners of Siebel Scholars in the field of energy science of the Tsinghua University.

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