The Teachers and Students of the Department of Electrical Engineering Attended the International Conference on Power Electronics and Electrical Sciences in the US and Held the Alumni Reunion Activities

On September 18th -22th , 2016, the 2016 Energy Conversion Conference & Exhibition, co-sponsored by the IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) and the IEEE Industry Application Society (IEEE IAS), was held in Milwaukee, United States. The annual meeting is held every year in North America. It is the most influential international top conference in the field of power electronics and motor techniques. The conference accepts more than 920 papers this year, and attracts more than 1,400 academia and industry representatives from the field of global power electronics and motor techniques. The chairman of the conference was chaired by Prof. John Shen of the Illinois Institute of Technology, who is the alumni of Tsinghua University. The assistant Prof. Zhao Tiefu from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte served as the chairman of the publishing committee, who is the alumni of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University.


This year, 10 papers from the Department of Electrical Engineering were accepted. More than 10 people attended the meeting in the US and presented the latest scientific research of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University.


During the meeting, Prof. Zhao Zhengming as the IEEE PELS executive committee and the chairman of PELS Beijing Chapter participated in a number of important meetings of PELS. He was involved in the development of the PELS2030 Action Plan and, as a representative of Tsinghua University, formally received the right to host the 2018 IEEE International Energy Challenge (IFEC2018). Associate Professor Zhang Pinjia participated in the organization of the paper review work, as the member of the power transmission program subcommittee of this meeting. Associate Professor Sun Kai attended the PELS Membership Committee and the PELS Chapter on behalf of the China Region and PELS Beijing Chapter. He also received a letter of thanks from the IAS Chairman for volunteer service in the IEEE IAS Excellent Paper review work.


Before the meeting, Professor Li Yongdong and associate Professor Zheng Zedong were invited to visit several engineering research centers sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of the United States, which were the FREEDMFuture Renewable Electrical Energy Delivery and Managementlaboratory at the North Carolina State University, the CPES(Center for Power Electronics System) at the Virginia Tech University, and the CURENTCenter for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networksat the University of Tennessee. They also visited the WEMPEC laboratory at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Prof. Li Yongdong was invited to give a report on the topology evolution principle and general PWM control method of large capacity converters. Around 70 people attended this report, such as Prof. Kevin Tomsovic, Director of the CURENT Research Center, Prof. Yilu Liu, and Associate Director of the US Academy of Engineering, Prof. Fred Wang, Deputy Director of the Center, and other related researchers and students.


On the evening of September 20th, 2016, nearly 50 Tsinghua alumni gathered for communications under the chairmanship of Professor Li Yongdong and associate Professor Zhao Zhengming and Professor Zheng Zedong. The activity also invited Academician Li Zeyuan(Fred C. Lee), who is the visiting professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and more than 10 famous scholars at home and abroad in the power electronics and electrical field. The alumni who attended the party took a picture at the venue.