Three Papers from the Department of Electrical Engineering is Selected as the Best Conference Papers of 2016 IEEE PES General Meeting

During July 17th- July 21th, 2016, the 2016 IEEE PES General Meeting, which was the international top conference in the power industry, was held in Boston, the United States. Thousands of researchers, engineers and students from all over the world attended the meeting.


In the 2000 papers published in the conference, the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly selected 77 Best Conference Papers. The papers of the doctoral student Li Zhengshuo (whose mentor is Professor Sun Hongbin), Xin Shujun ( whose mentor is Associate Professor Guo Qinglai) and the master student Chen Xin (whose mentor is Professor Wu Wenduan) were selected. They gave the oral presentations at the corresponding conference paper Session. According to statistics, among all the universities, scientific research institutes and institutions at home and abroad, Tsinghua University ranked first in the number of selected Best Conference Papers.

The graduate students gave oral presentations at the best conference paper session