The 2016 Student Graduation Ceremony of the Department of Electrical Engineering Was Held

On the afternoon of July 2, 2016, the 2016 student graduation ceremony of the Department of Electrical Engineering was held at the Meng Minwei Concert Hall. All the graduates, teachers, alumni and some parents of the graduates attended a graduation ceremony. Around 500 people came to the Department of Electrical Engineering 2016 student graduation ceremony to witness the beautiful moments. 

The graduation ceremony was chaired by Zheng Zedong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Department of Electrical Engineering. The ceremony began in the majestic national anthem, Professor Kang Chongqing, the party secretary of the department, gave a speech firstly and introduced the graduation, as well as the employment situation this year. There were a total of 126 undergraduates, 87 full-time graduate students, 27 in-service master graduate students and 37 doctoral students graduate this year. Kang Chong expressed warm congratulations to all the graduation students, and then analyzed the employment of graduates, employment distribution and distribution of the industry. He highly appraised the motivation of the Department of Electrical Engineering graduates, and encouraged them to make contributions to China's power industry development and the mainstream. Finally he sent earnest wishes to graduates who were about to go to the work.


 The picture shows that the electrical department deputy party secretary Zheng Zedong presided over the graduation ceremony


The picture shows that the party secretary of the department of Kang Chongqing gave a speech


Mr. Zhao Zhiyong, Vice President of Beijing Sifang Jiabao Automation Co., Ltd., as the representative of the alumni, paid a deep review of his five years in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and summed up and shared his own hardships and struggles. Then he made recommendations to the graduates on work and mentality after working.

The picture shows Mr. Zhao Zhiyong, the representative of alumni, Vice President of Beijing Sifang Jiabao Automation Co., Ltd., gave a speech 

Professor Xiao Xi and Associate Professor Lu Zongxiang, Deputy Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Professor Xia Qing, Director of the Degree Committee, read the list of 2016 undergraduate, master and doctoral graduates respectively.

The picture shows the Department of Electrical Department Deputy Director Prof.Xiao Xi read the list of graduated bachelors 

The picture shows associate Pro.Lu Zongxiang, Deputy Director of the Department of Electrical Department read the graduated master list


The picture shows Professor Xu Qing, director of the degree committee of the department, read the list of graduated doctoral students 

Doctoral representative, Qin Boyu, who was about going to teach in the Xi'an Jiaotong University, and master representative Zhang Xuan, who was about to work in the China Academy of Space Technology, and bachelor representative Liu Jiapeng, who was about to study in the Department for Phd gave graduate speeches respectively. Qin Boyu recalled from the newly enrolled confusion, to the calmly attitude to the future now. He talked about the life experience planning, and elaborated his mind in the ideal and responsibility. He said that he was honored in his hometown, the cultivation of the motherland, and it is the responsibility to construct his hometown. So after graduation he would go to the west to engage in teaching and research work, using the professional knowledge and thinking mode of education learned in Tsinghua to make benefits for the society. Zhang Xuan recalled his undergraduate and master's six years in Tsinghua time. As a "shoulder pick" counselor, she realized that the title contains the faith, responsibility and dedication. She said that although we were about to carry luggage and leave the university to take our journey, the valuable spiritual wealth endowed by Tsinghua University and the Department of Electrical Department had been integrated into our blood and would accompany us for a lifetime. Liu Jiapeng recalled the undergraduate four years and his growth. He reviewed from the freshman to the senior, from the motor to the students section, from confusion to the determination, from the starting point to the end, combining with own thinking and emotional transformation. He hoped that after the graduation, we can keep in mind not only with the scientific knowledge and scientific spirit, but also the spirit of Tsinghua, "actions speak louder than words". 

The picture shows the doctoral representative Qin Boyu gave a speech

    The picture shows the master graduate student Zhang Xuan gave a speech

The picture shows bachelor representative Liu Jiapeng gave a speech

Professor Zou Jun gave a speech as the teacher representative and he put forward two hopes: first, he hoped the students can be grateful to the training of the university and people who paid the hard work; second, he hoped that the students can rely on themselves and make contributions to the development of China in the future.

The picture shows the teacher representative Professor Zou Jun gave a speech 

The parent of Duan Xiaoyu in class 22, Duan Dingsheng, also expressed the wishes for today's graduation and tomorrow's expectations. He expressed his excitement as a parent to see the child to graduate from Tsinghua University. He showed sincere blessings to the children's graduation, and thanked for the school and the department, for their training and caring for the child's gratitude. He hoped the children remember the relationship with the university, family and friends.


The picture shows the parents representative Duan Dingsheng gave a speech 

The outstanding graduates were commended in the graduation ceremony. Du Wei, General Manager of British Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) China and Prof. Kang Chongqing gave awards. The outstanding graduates was Guo Yan; The excellent graduates were Ruan Guangchun, Hou Lingxi (female), Duan Xiaoyu, Wang Chao, Sun Ming, Jiang Tingyu, Zan Xin, side Wan Cong, Chen Yuwei, Chen Ming, Wang Di , Li Zihao; The outstanding graduates in Beijing were: Guo Yan, Ruan Guangchun, Hou Lingxi (female), Duan Xiaoyu, Wang Chao, Sun Ming, Chen Ming. Prof. Liang Xidong and Prof. Min Yong gave awards. The outstanding doctoral students were: Li Zhigang, Cheng Chenlu; the outstanding master graduate students were: He Guannan, Zhu Tong; the outstanding graduates in Beijing were Li Zhigang, Ding Huajie, Zhang Yiming, Xu Zhiyi, Li Zhengshuo, Shen Xinwei, and He Guannan. 

The picture shows Professor Kang and Du Wei gave awards for the undergraduates


The picture shows Professor Liang Xi Dong and Professor Min Yong gave award for the graduate students


The picture shows Professor Zhang Rong, Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering, gave a speech


At the end of the ceremony, Professor Zeng Rong, director of the department, delivered a speech entitled "Doing a Good Life Choice". He took three examples: Elon Musk who subverts the traditional industry and thinking mode, and the construction of energy Internet planning in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and the adventure spirit in California University of Technology. He hoped the students can live without regret and have a meaningful life in the future.


Professor Zeng Rong's speech received long-term applause. Finally, all the participants sang the old school song. With the beautiful and passionate school song melody, the graduation ceremony came to an end. Best wishes to all 2016 graduates of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The picture shows the signature of the graduates

Before graduation ceremony, graduates also walked through the red carpet, and left a signature and photo nostalgia on the graduation wall. At the end of the graduation ceremony, the graduates also attended the graduation party.