Student Groups

Nearly all EEA students has participated in the science and technology contest, appreciated the brilliant student festival evening,prepared the first rate youth league branch assessment in their undergraduate period in Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University. But do you know who organized those splendid activities?There are three important student organizations in our department. They are  the Youth League Committee (YLC), the Student Union (SU), and the Student Association of Science (SAS). They organized many kinds of activities to enrich students’ life and lead students’ ideological trend. Student organizations are active in every aspect of our lives Among them, YLC mainly focuses on ideological education, which has a close connection to students. For example, the League activities are one of the substantial parts of ideological education. Besides, we also organize social practices in order to let students go out of “the Ivory Tower” and learn about the livelihood of people and the development of our country. As the saying goes, “in doing, we learn”, through social practices, student can learn more about the society and make contributions as well. In the mean time, we arrange all kinds of volunteers so as to help students to establish a sense of service during collage. Students’ Inner Quality Expanding programs, propaganda, and social researches are also parts of our work. In a word, the scope of YLC includes all the activities related to students’ growth and development.Compared to YLC, SU’s work is full of variety, which is hailed as “the home of students, the bridge between teachers and students, and he school of student cadres”. As the “ home of students”, SU has the responsibility to preserve students’ rights, reflect students’demands, organize d entertainments and sports, and also take the lead to construct harmonious culture among students. As the “bridge between teachers and students”, it always acts as the communication channel between teachers and students. As the “school on student cadres”, it offers student leaders better conditions to improve their abilities and more opportunities for actual training.SAS focuses mainly on scientific and technological activities for undergraduate students. Owing to its contribution, since participating extra-curricular science and technology activities has become a trend in  our department. With a technical team expert in both hardware and software, it takes the responsibility to organize technical competitions and

provides technical support, so as to create an atmosphere of scientific research in the department. As long as you are interested in science and technology or you want to make contribution to the development of technology in our department, the SAS is your best choice.In short, the student organizations are big family. In this home, you are an essential part. With or without you will make the home quite different! We appreciate your contribution by participating in them and you will gain from these activities.