Educational Outcomes

The educational outcomes defined here are various abilities gained by students, awarded won by student, and employment of students through educational activities carried out by Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University.
As to the first outcome, i.e. abilities gained by students, the criteria defined by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) in United States is used. ABET is a peer review accreditation process that evaluates the quality of engineering programs. The courses offered by the Department well covered the necessary abilities of ABET.
The selection of Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations of the Nation is organized by China’s Ministry of Education and the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, which aims to establish an effective quality supervision and motivation system, to cultivate and stimulate the innovation spirit of PhD students.
The Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations of the Nation represents the highest level of doctoral dissertation in China because of the rigorous criteria. The total number is about 100 in all disciplines annually. Since 1999, there are 13 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations of the Nation in the Electrical Engineering Discipline, four of which come from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University, which has been introduced in Subsection 2-5-1. The following table lists the distribution of the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations of the Nation from 1999 to 2009.
National Challenge Cup Extracurricular Scientific Contest is organized by the China Association of Science and Technology and China’s Ministry of Education. From the first competition in 1989, the “Challenge Cup” always adheres to the purpose that advocating science, pursuing truth, studying hard, making innovations. It will promote the growth of young talents and push the nation’s economic and social development.
The Department of Electrical Engineering adopted extracurricular activities many years ago and has come to the conclusion that: the training for an excellent program should not simply focus on the event itself, but must enhance mass participation so that more undergraduates can be involved in the programs. The Department of Electrical Engineering has a good performance in the Challenge Cup events every year, and won the first prize and the second prize two times.
There are many elites of the nation among the students who have graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering. For example, political leaders represented by the former Prime Minister Zhu, Rongji and academic masters represented by academician Jin, Yilian who have won the National Highest Prize for Science and Technology in 2002. Thirty six academicians of CAS or CAE have studied or worked in the Department of Electrical Engineering. A number of graduates became leading people in many important industries and businesses related to China’s national economy such as the power sector, electro technology industries etc. Zhang, Fengxiang, former Vice Minister of the Chinese Electricity Department and Zhao, Xizheng, former General Manager of the State Grid are excellent representatives.
Tsinghua University is the leader of Chinese academic research. The Department of Electrical Engineering ranks No. 1 in the area of power engineering research. There are 36 academicians of CAS or CAE who have worked or studied in this department. They are excellent representatives of all the academic researchers who have devote their knowledge and career to Chinese power engineering research.
As a comprehensive university, Tsinghua does not expect all the graduates to become scientific researchers. Everyone has his own talent and the best way to develop is to choose an occupation which meets his interests. Not all the graduates from this department are engaged in the businesses related to power industry and scientific research. Some students have become political leaders. Zhu, Rongji, the former Prime Minister and Huang, Ju, the former Vice Prime Minister are their great representatives. Their leadership has greatly contributed to the development of the nation. Some information of the political leader graduated from this department are listed in the following table.
The largest proportion of the graduates is engaged in enterprises and businesses related to the Chinese power industry. They are the elites of the power industry. Zhao, Xizheng, former general manager of State Grid is an excellent example. Some information of the graduates in enterprises related to power industry is listed in the following table. They are the foundation and driving force for the Chinese power industry.