Graduate Courses

60220033 (Micro-Controller: Principle and Application)

64030013(Stochastic Processing of Random Signals)

64030023 (Digital Signal Processing)

70220013 (Advanced Circuits and Systems)

70220022 (Computation of Electromagnetic Fields)

70220042 (Advanced Electric Power Network Analysis)

70220062 (Gas Discharge)

70220082 (Transient Analysis of AC Machine Systems)

70220092 (Electromagnetic Measurements Selection)

70220122 (Modern Power Electronics)

70220123 (Modern Power Electronics: Principle & Applications)

70220132 (Modern Control Theory)

70220152 (Electrical Equipment Reliability Engineering)

70228143 (Theory and Methods of Electrical Power System Planning)(E)

70228023 (Power System Analysis and Control)

70228113 (Electromagnetic Field)

70228123 (Modern Lightning Protection)

70228143 (Theory and Methods of Electrical Power System Planning)(E)

80220012 (New Technical Trend of Electro-technology and Electrical Power System)

80220023 (Modern High Voltage Test Technology)

80220032 (Introduction to Pulsed Power Technology)

80220092 (Advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility)

80220112 (Modern Communications in Electric Power Systems)

80220122 (Integration of Power Electronics and Motor Drive System)

80220132 (FACTS/DFACTS: Principles and Applications)

80220142 (LabVIEW Programming and Virtual Instruments Design)

80220152 (Evolutionary Computation and Its Applications)

80220162 (Electromagnetic Transient Analysis)

80220172 (Uncertainty Analysis of Electrical Power System)

80220202 (Wide Area Monitoring and Control of Power Systems)

80220211 (Simulation in Electrical Engineering)

80220222 (Modern Energy Management System)

80220232 (Principle and technology of new type of protection)

80220252 (Principles and Applications of Power Electronic Devices)

80220261 (Magnetophysics and Electromagnetic Evaluation)

80220272 (High-voltage Transmission Technology)

80220281 (Pulsed-power Applications and High-power Microwaves)

80220302 (Optimization Method in Modern Power Systems)

80228033 (Computer System and Its Applications)