Undergraduate Courses

00220033 (Computer network and Internet)

00220132 (Theory and Application of System Design)

20220044 (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

20220053 (Electrotechnics)

20220122 (Fundamentals of Virtual Instrument)

20220174 (Principles of Electric Circuits A(1))

20220214 (Computer Architecture and Application)

20220216 (Experiments for Principles of Electric Circuits B)

20220221 (Experiments for Principles of Electric Circuits A)

20220314 (Electrotechnics and Electronics A)

20220324 (Electrotechnics and Electronic Engineering B)

20220332 (Principles of Electric Circuits A(2))

20220353 (Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Field)

20250064 (Fundamentals of Analog Electronics)

30220323 (High Voltage Engineering)

30220334 (Electric Machinery Fundamentals)

30220351 (Experiments for Electric Machinery)

30220363 (Automatic Control Systems)

30220372 (Programming Projects)

30220382 (Object-Oriented Programming)

30220392 (Foundations of Computer Programming)

30220403 (Fundamentals of Communication Systems)

30220414 (Fundamentals of Power Electronics)

40220063 (Fundamentals of Protective Relaying Technology)

40220072 (Modern Electrical Power Plant Engineering)

40220301 (Recognition Practice)

40220341 (Experiments for Power System)

40220392 (Electric Power Dispatch Automation)

40220412 (Microcontroller techniques and experiments)

40220422 (Principle & Experiment of Digital Signal Processing)

40220432 (Overvoltages and Its Protection)

40220442 (Power System Stability and Control)

40220452 (Power Electronics Simulation)

40220462 (Fundamental and Application of Power Apparatus)

40220472 (Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Equipment)

40220502 (Lectures on Advances in Electrical Engineering)

40220590 (Comprehensive Thesis Training)

40220653 (Signals and Systems)

40220682 (Design & Analysis for Electronic Machine System)

40220692 (Introduction on Electricity Market)

40220723 (Power System Analysis)

40220732 (Electric Drives and Control)

40220742 (Analysis of Electric Machinery)

40220762 (Dielectric materials and insulation technology)

40220772 (Microprocessor based Protective Relaying and Automatic Control Technology)

40220782 (Information theory and power system)

40220793 (DC Power Transmission Technology)

40220802 (Power System Forecasting)

40220812 (Power Transmission and Distribution)