Program for Ph.D graduates

The Department of Electrical Engineering has a Ph.D. program to grant Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering. The typical duration is 3~5 years. Most of the Ph.D. students in the Department are enrolled from graduates with a Bachelors Degree, who are recommended students for direct admission (requiring only a satisfactory interview). Some research-oriented master students can join the Ph.D. program according to their scores in the entrance tests.

The goal of the Ph.D. program is to make students gain the necessary abilities for independent scientific research, which will be useful for undertaking research in universities and research institutes.

Among them, the topic selection report, the final academic report, and the defense are of great importance. The advisor of the student takes fully responsible for course selection and other thesis related activities .

The qualifying test is carried out in the second academic year. The knowledge on three to four core undergraduate or graduate level courses related to the students’ research topics will be examined. The test includes 2 hours of written examination and a 20 minutes oral viva. Students can repeat the test during the second year if they fail at the first attempt.

The literature review and topic selection report is one of the key steps for the Ph.D. program. Students should read and review at least twenty papers suggested by their advisor, and then present a topic selection report to the committee composed of the Ph.D. advisors in the related research fields. The committee will then determine whether the students have the ability, knowledge and understanding for the topic and whether the topic contains sufficient academic problems to fulfill the requirements of a Ph.D. Degree. If students fail the evaluation they are re-assessed six months later.

One year later, the same committee will inspect the progress of the scheduled research plan and give appropriate comments and suggestions. Students who failed in the mid-term inspection need to retake it three months later.

The final academic report is given three months before the final defense. Students need to summarize and report the innovations of his/her research work. The same committee will determine whether these innovations are sufficient for applying for a final defense and give comments for drawing conclusions and possible further research in the following months. Students who fail in the final academic report need to retake it six months later.

Before the final defense, Ph.D. candidates have to publish at least three papers related to his/her research topic in journals or at important conferences or publish at least one high quality paper in selected journals such as IEEE Transactions. The committee of the final defense should include at least one member of the Degree Committee. Students who failed in the final defense need to retake it six months later.

In addition to the above requirements, Ph.D. students should report their research progresses publically in related fields every semester and attend at least 30 academic lectures.

The titles and abstracts of the Ph.D. dissertations in the evaluation period are listed in the Supplementary Material.