Program for undergraduates

The Department of Electrical Engineering grants Bachelor Degree for Electrical Engineering and Its Automation for the four-year undergraduate program. 175 credits are required to complete the program. Practice training courses are implemented in the summer term and others are in the ordinary semesters. The average credit per semester is about 20, i.e. students take four hours of lectures per workday.
The courses can be classified into five different categories: math courses, physics courses, general engineering courses, general discipline courses, and practice courses. General engineering courses are defined as the courses suitable for most engineering disciplines, especially electrical-related disciplines. General discipline courses are set up based on the fields under the Electrical Engineering Discipline.
The main natural science and general engineering courses are given in the first two year of the program, which provides sufficient time for general discipline courses and specialized courses.
The Department hopes that undergraduate students could understand the most important topics for each field, master the techniques and ideas for solving problems in each field, and grasp the experiment skills for each field through the corresponding general discipline course. Four general discipline courses, i.e. Electric Machinery Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Power Electronics, Power System Analysis, and High Voltage Engineering, form the core of the undergraduate program.
All the specialized courses are elective. Students can develop their academic career according to their interests and suggestions given by advisors by selecting a total of 20 credits.